Tradewinds Canvas

Need a new Tradewinds canvas for your Tradewinds parasol?

One of the great benefits of buying a Tradewinds parasol is that the parts are available, accidental breakage is not a big issue. Send us a message here for a part you may need.

This parts service is especially important when it comes to replacing a Tradewinds canvas cover. If you decide to revamp your parasol, or bring some vivid colours to your alfresco experience we have a replacement Tradewinds cover available. One of the big issues is early Spring when the trusty Tradewinds parasol is dragged out of hibernation. Has the dreaded mould attacked, or has the canopy been ripped during a wintry search for a crucial thingamabob. Fear not we have a replacement readily available – we have stock of most usual colours – if you choose a rare vibrant cover be assured delivery will only be is a few weeks away.

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