Tensile Sails

Bespoke sails Hypar shaped or Angled Flat sails

Full Rain & Shade solution

Quality PVC fabrics

316 Marine grade stainless steel fittings

Fabricated in UK by skilled sailmakers


Tensile sails by Alfresco365, a full Rain & Shade solution are bespoke, high tensile quality products made in the UK. Specifically designed to fit your location. Angled flat sails or hypar shaped sails are made from solid pvc fabrics in the UK by skilled sailmakers. Two principle ranges of pvc fabrics are available (see Ferrari brochure links). Solid pvc sails are waterproof and subject to correct design will ensure water run off during rain.


FERRARI LODGE 6002 brochure

Our sails are highly tensioned and therefore need to be connected to strong tensioning points – either to suitable parts of a building structure or to strong posts heavily anchored to the ground in concrete.

We have designed a range of different stainless steel fittings for wall fixing.

We recommend a minimum 150mm diameter for timber posts, and 101.2mm (4″) diameter/ 8mm wall for steel posts.

The minimum volume of concrete required for a 2.5m high post (above ground)  is 0.5 m3 (80 x 80 x 80)

Steel posts may be fitted as “removable” thereby creating a “temporary” structure.

Regarding cost, all sail instals vary, as a guide a minimum cost will be in the region of £8400 (inc VAT)  for a single sail (25sqm) with 4 stainless steel posts (excluding ground work).

If you wish to progress towards a shade sail please note the following:

Stage 1: To build a desktop estimate of cost we need by email your address and POST CODE (to estimate travel costs & Google earth your layout) , 2 – 3 medium resolution photos of the location of the proposed structure, some dimensions, basic ideas eg awning / bespoke sail / jumbo parasol.

Stage 2: We will calculate a broad estimate of cost for options based on Stage 1 info.

Stage 3: If estimate is in budget and you wish to go forward we will visit site to survey and take full design & fabrication measurements. We charge for this survey, the charge covers our costs. If we are contracted for the work we deduct this survey charge from our final invoice. The survey fee is paid in advance.

Stage 4: Draw up full quotation / agree design etc.

Stage 5: Customer Order/ 50 %  deposit required/ Design canopy/ Agree specifications of awning etc. Order parts & fabricate.

Stage 6: Install. Balance payment on completion

Use our CONTACT FORM or call Alfresco365 on 01983 754800 to discuss your alfresco lifestyle tensile sails project.