Tradewinds Classic 2.2m Square Parasol

£410£446 inc. VAT

  • Classic premium grade wooden parasol
  • Eucalyptus frames with a one piece pole
  • 2.2m square, 4 struts and a 38mm pole
  • Resistant stainless steel parasol fittings
  • Bracket system for easy changing of parts
  • Comes with 2 years Tradewinds warranty
  • Price inc. VAT & Mainland UK Delivery


This 2.2m Square Tradewinds Classic is a beautiful centre post garden parasol. Constructed as a classic premium grade wooden parasol, designed for commercial use, with eucalyptus frames and a one piece pole. All Classic Parasol fittings are stainless steel, ensuring they are corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, and tarnish resistant. Included is a bracket system for easy changing of parts & a Parasol cover bag. The Tradewinds Classic 2.2m Square Parasol comes with 2 years Tradewinds warranty. The minimum base size required for this parasol is 40kg.

• 2.2m – Square – 38MM Pole, 4 Struts. Minimum base size required 40kg.

Suitable Bases

Concrete Parasol Base 40kg

Tradewinds 40kg Granite Base
Tradewinds Base Plate 38MM
Tradewinds Inground Base 38mm.



Stock colours: Ecru* [Stock], Black [+£36, Stock], Green [+£36, Stock], Navy [+£36, Stock] and Taupe [+£36, Stock]. Additional colours: Red [+£36], Orange [+£36], Yellow [+£36], Lilac [+£36], Cerise [+£36], Pink [+£36], Burgundy* [+£36], Charcoal [+£36], Royal Blue [+£36], Peter Blue [+£36], Turquoise [+£36], Lime [+£36], White* [+£36], Beige [+£36], Khaki [+£36], Olive [+£36], Peridot [+£36], Seasand [+£36] and Ice Grey [+£36].

* Ecru and white are 250g polyacrylic. Burgundy is 270g acrylic with no anti fade warranty.


Printing is available with no minimum order quantity.

Spare Parts & Replacement Canopies

Spare parts and replacement canopies available here!

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Ecru* [Stock], Black [Stock], Green [Stock], Navy [Stock], Taupe [Stock], Red, Orange, Yellow, Lilac, Cerise, Pink, Burgundy*, Charcoal, Royal Blue, Peter Blue, Turquoise, Lime, White*, Beige, Khaki, Olive, Peridot, Seasand, Ice Grey